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Yocum Towing & Recovery Inc. is a top Allentown towing company that provides excellent towing services and roadside assistance. When you are stranded on the side of the road, call us immediately.

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Allentown Towing Company: Coming to Your Rescue

Almost every driver will need to call an Allentown Towing Company at some point in time. While hopefully rare, a breakdown or accident is simply something anyone can find themselves facing. The fact is there are a number of reasons a driver might end up stranded along side the road. If a car is not maintained well, is more than five to ten years old, or is constantly subjected to harsh treatment, it is liable to break down at any time.

There are also cars that simply don’t run well in extreme temperatures. Others may have faulty wiring that can cause them to stop running. Newer vehicles are equipped to alert drivers to mechanical and electrical problems and may shut the vehicle down if they are very serious. In instances such as these, your local Allentown Towing Company is more than happy to provide vehicle towing services. Their services are available for both car towing and truck towing.

Adverse weather conditions can be the cause for many Allentown Towing Company calls. They are often needed to pull people out of ditches, or remove vehicles from “fender benders” when low visibility or slippery roads create dangerous d Most of the times these are a simple matter of extracting the vehicle and getting the driver back on the road, but if the accident is more serious, police and medical services will be needed. If a specific Allentown Towing Company is too busy to take the call, they will either send another company or if they feel necessary, emergency services to make sure you are not injured and to oversee the scene.

Allentown Towing Company: Help for Stranded Drivers

Since most late model cars have a sensor that will alert the driver when fuel is low in the tank, running out of gas doesn't happen too often. Usually drivers will try to get to the gas station as soon as they can. But it is possible for a driver to get caught too far from a gas station and end up with an empty tan An Allentown Towing Company may be able to deliver gas to a stranded driver but there are times when, vehicle towing is the best option.

The Allentown Towing Company truck driver may also work as a mechanic. If you find your car battery dead because you forgot to turn off your headlights, he may be able to give you a jump start to help you get back on the road again. You’ll most likely have to pay for the trip out but as long as he can get your car running you won’t have to pay for vehicle towing service. If he can't get your vehicle started, he'll drive you home and you can have you car dropped off there or taken to either a garage that he is affiliated with or to the garage of your choice. The best part is that if you have towing coverage through your auto insurance or motor club, your vehicle towing will be covered.

Use a Reliable Allentown Towing Company for All Your Trailer Towing Needs

You can also find flatbed and lowboy trailer towing through most towing companies. Towing a vehicle with a chain or hoist is not always good for the vehicle. Trailer towing is a going to be a lot easier on your car or truck. These trailers are low to the ground, making it easy to load your car with a set of ramps and a winch.
Trailer towing is the best solution for moving construction equipment, farm machinery, large disabled vehicles such as buses and even small planes and helicopters. When a tractor trailer becomes disabled, using a trailer for truck towing may be the best option. If you need a trailer for your construction business, an Allentown Towing Company can provide trailer towing saving you the expense of the additional insurance and vehicle registration for a trailer.

Allentown Towing Company: Property Owner Services

An Allentown Towing Company may also offer tow away services to many local businesses. In some locations where it’s difficult to find parking, drivers often park illegally in privately owned parking lots that are reserved solely for the use of a company or apartment parking. Customers and tenants then have no place to park. An Allentown Towing Company can help solve this by towing illegally parked vehicles from your property and most often this service is free to the business owner.

State certified tow away signs will be posted by the Allentown Towing Company warning drivers that if they park in the restricted area their vehicle may be towed away and impounded. Once the signs are in place, as owner of the property, you can call the towing service to have illegally parked vehicles removed at any time. A tow truck will be sent to the location and the car will be removed. The infraction is written up, you are given a copy and the police are informed of the incident. The signs have the added benefit of providing your customers or tenants with an emergency phone number if they ever find themselves in need of a towing service.

Let an Allentown Towing Company Monitor Your Private Parking Lot

Property owners can also set up a schedule for patrolling their property. Unlike a security company, the Allentown Towing Company doesn’t sit and monitor the property. Instead they have a set schedule for checking the lot for violators.

If a violation is spotted the driver will radio the supervisor of the Allentown Towing Company. Based on their knowledge of the local parking laws, the Allentown Towing Company supervisor can determine whether or not the vehicle needs to be towed. Knowledge of local parking and towing laws is important. You don't want to be held responsible for any car towing and damage related lawsuits. After the vehicle is removed, the owner must then contact the Allentown Towing Company impound lot to get his car back.

Business owners and individuals alike can rely on the services of an Allentown Towing Company to lend a helping hand. From car towing and truck towing to trailer towing, they’ll be there with reliable towing service.

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